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Women's Health

Women's / Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence usually happens after child birth or weight gain. Due to increase in intra-abdominal pressure woman is unable to control urine. Physiotherapist with biofeedback using electrotherapy modalities helps female to overcome this embarrassing situation.

Pelvic Floor weakness

This is most embarrassing situation where pelvic floor muscle either stretched, weakened or too tight. Almost 2/3rd of the women experiences this problem, which results in lack of interest in sexual activity and urinary incontinence. Physiotherapy of the pelvic floor including techniques like electrical stimulation and biofeedback, play a major role in providing relief to a patient with urgency incontinence, pelvic pain, chronic constipation and pelvic floor dyssyenergia (condition in which there is paradoxical contraction of the pelvic floor instead of relaxation).

Pre and Post natal training

This is undercovered program in most of the country. Before and after pregnancy exercises helps in preventing complication and helps in easing delivery of baby.

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