Home Health care

Home Care Physiotherapy
Home based physiotherapy services across Mumbai location.

Remember to call us for your care, if you restricted to following;

  • If paralysis make transfer from home to car or car to hospital difficult?
  • If bladder or bowel problem not allowing you to visit physiotherapy centre?
  • Ifyour office timing does not allow you to visit physiotherapy centre?
  • If you are fed up of road traffic?

We are here to give comfort healing at your home.

No matter where you are consulting or where the surgery has been done, we can provide the best quality of physiotherapy care. Our qualified and experienced physiotherapist will give best services at home.

Our centre works on evidence based practice and we are totally committed to learn and discover new approaches for future generation.

A valid reason to choose MnM Multispecialty physiotherapy centre for home care physiotherapy services
  • Most of our physiotherapists are experienced and done Master in physiotherapy .
  • Our physiotherapist are selected on basis of rigid interview and training.
  • Physiotherapy treatment are monitored by experience physiotherapist on periodical basis, and latest updates are mandatory for all physios.
  • All Physiotherapist work in our physiotherapy setup on regular basis, not just home care physiotherapist.
  • Most of Physiotherapy modality available at home care services
  • Paralysis treatment, electrical stimulation and physiotherapist trained in neuro rehabilitation approaches available for your home care.
  • Electrotherapy modalities are available at your home.
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