Corporate wellness

We, the team of doctors and exercise trainers are very keen in scheduling exercise programs in various corporate sectors.

We believe that “seeking professional aid, only if you are sick” has to be changed. That’s where our experts step in to aid to your total well-being.

This means, “We just don’t fix the problems, but work proactively to maintain fitness and health”

Our services go beyond the traditional methods. With the dynamism of life, the fitness rules are rapidly changing. Our life demands a BALANCE at every stage, more than it has ever asked in past.

With the advent of new age, we are also witnessing a profound welcoming change in the therapies that have proven their effectiveness to meet the demands of the daily life. With a joint collaboration of MnM Multispeciality Physiotherapy and Research Centre and AIICP, we bring you a portion of happiness and success through practical, effective, interesting and professional means. We put forth a future of greater success – brought by our thinking, exceptional organization culture and our skilled team.

Meet Our Doctors

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